Why does my kitten has a bald spot and slight scabbing?

I got a kitten from a friend just a little under two weeks ago, she was originally picked up as a stray and is only about eight or nine weeks old. All other cats my friend owns are healthy and loving, and up until a couple of days ago the kitten I got was as well with no signs that anything was wrong aside from a few fleas. Today, though, I gave her another bath and the already-thinning fur above her left eye began to fall off, leaving a large bald spot stretching from her eye to the center of her forehead. The skin looks healtht, though the edges are flaky. And I've noticed that she's got a small, barely-noticeable cluster of scabs just where her whiskers protrude from her lip on the opposite side of her face. (She's also had some sort of eye infection on that side as well, but it hasn't been red or bothering her, it just won't open completely.) She's still as playful as ever and the bald spot doesn't seem to be bothering her much, but I'm really scared that it might be mange.

Asked by Member 1072498 on Nov 22nd 2011 Tagged baldspotscabscabsscabbingmangefleasringwormkitteninfection in Skin Problems
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We can't diagnose your kitten over the internet sight unseen but you do have good reason to be concerned. Mange or not, the fact that she's losing fur on the side of her face where she has an untreated eye infection sounds pretty bad. It could be that it is bothering her and she rubs it when you're not watching. Either way she really should be seen by a vet about it; it's not normal for a kitten to lose fur or not to be able to open their eye and at such a young age when the eyes are still developing and there is a lot more possibility for long-term damage. The flea situation could also get out of control and most OTC "treatments" aren't at all safe for little kittens or very effective. Plus if she has fleas there is a good chance she also has tapeworms. A vet should really check her out, get her treated, and she should be getting her vaccines soon anyways. The best time to spay a little female kitten is between 3-4 months so now is a good time to pick a vet and get to know them.

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