Why does my cat throw up a few times a month?

He is 4 years old and only eats Meow Mix. He weighs 16 pounds.

Asked by Member 1147736 on Jan 1st 2013 in Other Health & Wellness
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Many cats develop allergies and sensitivities to ingredients in dry cat food, especially grain products like corn and corn gluten. Dry food is unhealthy for cats for a number of reasons, including being very high in carbohydrates, too low in protein, and no moisture. Cats who eat dry food only frequently become obese and suffer from obesity and urinary tract problems.

I strongly advise that you switch your cat over to a canned food diet and cut back on his calories to he loses weight. See for excellent information on the disadvantages of feeding dry food and how to switch to canned food. My cats eat only canned food now after years of dry food only. Their weight is down to normal (one cat weighed almost 15 pounds), their fur is soft and shiny, they've become much more active, and they don't throw up any more. they used to throw up food and hairballs on a regular basis - now, almost never. Good luck.

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