Why does my cat seem to guard me when I'm on the toilet?

Asked by Thyme on May 4th 2010 in Behavior & Training
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My 7 month kitten, Pinocchio, does this too.I figure he does it because he is totally curious about EVERYTHING I do ("Curious as a cat"!)
But also because my cat loves water.He is always in the sinks and tub, licking water. And although my toilet lid is ALWAYS down, he has managed to dash up and look when I'm opening or closing the lid.He knows there's water in there!I don't know if he wants to play in it, or possibly, use the toilet.I don't want him to do either.So he just stares with his big, yellow eyes...waiting.

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Izadore (Izzie)

You are stationary for a few moments and she knows this and wants your attention. I NEVER go into the bathroom for any reason without an entourage. Usually, 4 out of my 5 animals are stationed somewhere around the bathroom/bedroom as they also are any time I'm sitting, like now, at the computer. I've assured them many times that there is no back door in the bathroom and I'm coming out the same door I went in, but they don't seem to believe me. Unless Thyme actually tries to attack anyone who comes near while you are--um--indisposed--you can take this opportunity to talk over the day's events with Thyme and get her opinions on what you should do! She's a beautiful kitty and I'm sure she'd appreciate hearing that as wel!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 5/5/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My 'boys' do this, too. they will both come in the bathroom and lay on the cqrpet or jump in the tub until I am done. Occasionally, Sir Jumper will jump onthe back of the toilet and lay on the shelf until I (we) are done.

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my gem does this too...i think at first it was an attatchment thing when we first got her she was a stray and i think she just wanted to be around me. and after the first time she was curious as to what i was doing and the "noises" she heard. lol and when she was big enough to get up n look in the toilet she became intreged with the toilet flushing, lol. now i think its just 1 of out ruteens when i go potty she comes in and lays down in front of me and when i get up and flush she watches... i don't think theres anything to worry about. one of my friends told me that one of her cats thats no longer with us use to do that and then one day he started using the toilet himself and simply learned by watching

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