Why does my cat find a cloth to cover her food dish?

Beatrix will pull a cloth down off a shelf or drag one from some part of the house to cover her food dish after she is done eating. Is there a reason for this or do I just have a very silly kitty?

Asked by Member 1061544 on Nov 30th 2011 in Behavior & Training
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Sometims domestic cats retain the instinct to cover their leftover food. In the wild, it would help preserve the food to eat later and also hide the scent of scraps from predators. Since Beatrix doesn't have dirt available to cover her food when she's finished, she finds household items to do the job.

My former semi-feral cats both make burying motions around their food dishes when they finish eating. They don't eat dry food anymore, but when they did, each of them would hide leftover pieces of kibble under their food bowls and sleeping mats. Because they lived outdoors as kittens, burying their food wasn't just an instinct but served a practical purpose in their lives. I think it's cute that they still go through the motions, even though they and their food are safely indoors!

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