Why does my cat chatter... at me?

I have a kitten who I think may be part maine coon. She was the daughter of a stray so I'll never know for sure. She does the chattering thing! I freaked out when I first heard (first time cat owner, thought she was choking), but now I know it's common when they see things they want to chase. However, she sometimes does it to me. Is that normal? I play hide and seek/peek-a-boo with her sometimes and she loves it, but recently every time I hide and peek out a little, she chatters at me. Is that normal, and why does she do it at me? Is okay to keep playing like this or am I encouraging a bad behavior?
Other than attacking stuffed animals, this is her second favorite game, so I hope I don't have to stop.

Asked by Member 1106184 on Apr 20th 2012 in Other Behavior & Training
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