Why does my cat bite/nibble on me?

My mom wanted me to ask you a question for her. It doesn't concern me. *yawn*

I adopted one year old Justin 6 months ago from the shelter I volunteer at. I am an avid cat lover and have 2 other cats now and have had 4 others previously. Justin is so different! He bites me. A lot. I say they are love bites but he bites me at night until I wake up. He usually bites my legs when they are sticking out from under the blanket. He also bites at my ankles when I am sitting in the computer chair or even when he is rubbing against my calves. Is this his way of saying "I love you mom!" or should I be doing something to correct this behavior? It doesn't bother me unless he really gets a good nip in.


Asked by Chaos on Aug 25th 2009 Tagged biting in Other Behavior & Training
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The answers to your questions are yes and yes. He is more than likely "love biting" (My Delilah does this) and yes, you should correct this behavior. He could be hunting "bed mice" at night if he sees your feet or legs moving under the blanket. He could also be nipping because he's bored and he needs more playtime with mom, but not playtime by using hands or feet as then he thinks they're his toys. When Delilah bites me, I hiss at her like mama cats do when their kittens have misbehaved. I also then shoo her off my lap. If she comes back up and I am petting her and she bites again, I repeat the hissing and putting her down. Sooner or later she gets the idea and lays down on my lap and goes to sleep.

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