Why do my sibling cats suddenly hate each other after a move?

It has been a few weeks now. We moved them across the country by airplane and as soon as we got here, they have absolutely hated each other! This is very strange, as they are litter mates and have been inseparable since birth--always snuggling and grooming each other. I'm talking kodak, ideal kitty moments.

Even stranger, now that a few weeks have passed, they can tolerate being near each other, share a plate of wet food every night as usual, but they do not cuddle or ever relax in the same room. If one gets too close to the other, they hiss and sometimes growl or try to swat each other! It's horrible. I just want them to be together again and be friends.

Suggestions? I've tried brushing them to mix their scents etc. but nothing works.

Asked by Member 1149404 on Jan 11th 2013 Tagged fighting, siblings, moving in Socialization
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Izadore (Izzie)

When we moved 2 years ago, we only moved ten minutes away. We moved from a large 3200 sq.ft. home to a 1900 sg. ft. modular home. Within a week, Delilah was pooping in my bathtub and spraying on the shower door. Izzie also began spraying in the spare room. My dogs were also weirded out. Your cats are dealing with new smells, environment, sounds, etc. They are having a gut reaction to what's going on and probably not to each other. Accustoming themselves to their new environment can take weeks or even a month or longer. Also, if there are strange cats wandering around outside, they are displaying "misplaced agression". I know that you're busy after your move, but the solution may be to play with them together. They have to know that even though their surroundings are different, the important people in their lives are still there for them. You can't force them to be comfortable with each other in any time frame. As time goes on, they'll settle down. Mine did.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 1/11/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer