Why don't my cats like each other anymore?

My cats used to get along really well. Then Amara had kittens four weeks ago, and now things have changed. Kallie dislikes Amara to the point that she hisses all the time and will walk across the room to slap Amara. Amara can just be sitting in the same room and Kallie will go crazy. What happened, and is there anything that I can do to help them get along again?

Asked by Member 871456 on Sep 10th 2011 Tagged aggression in Aggression
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The hormones a female cat has when they are pregnant, in labor, and nursing are very strong and change everything from her behavior to her scent. It's not at all surprising that Kallie was upset to see her friend going through these changes and suddenly having these kittens around, who Amara is probably fiercely protective of. She may be jealous that Amara has kittens and she doesn't or she may be annoyed by them and blame her for their being there!

Hopefully if everyone gets fixed and the kittens are adopted out things can get back to normal with hormones and strange new little cats out of the picture but they may hold grudges for a long time. If possible keep Amara and the kittens away from Kallie until the kittens are gone and Amara is fixed and then very slowly reintroduce them, starting with exchanging their scents by rubbing a clean cloth on each of them and then exchanging the cloths. Then work up to supervised visits until you feel it's safe to leave them alone.

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