Chloe + Phoebe

Why do my 2 almost-1 yr old female cats cry *really* loudly when holding a particular ball toy in mouth?

Is this normal? They're usually quiet cats that don't cry much. The crying noise they make when they play w/this one particular toy sounds almost like they're in intense pain.

Asked by Chloe + Phoebe on Feb 18th 2010 in Noisiness
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Aww, cute kitties! Did you know that female red tabbies are, genetically speaking, rather rare? When I play with my current kittens, one of the boys will escape with the toy and make extremely loud growling sounds and not let anybody else near the toy. What sounds to you like they are in "intense pain" could just be an indication that they are really excited about that particular toy. Perhaps because they hold it in their mouths, they think of it as prey, and are either trying to tell you that they've caught somthing, or trying to keep the other cat from taking away their "kill." I have a 10-month old cat who is currently in heat, and at this very moment she's wandering in and out of the room giving pitiful cries. But when I play with her (wand toys mostly), she gets into the spirit of the game and stops crying. I'm not so sure that their loud crying when playing with the ball is related to being in heat. But do spay them, if you haven't already.

Lola answered on Feb 18th.

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Izadore (Izzie)

It's against the odds for both of your females to go through a false pregnancy at the same time, but if one is going through one, she may be causing the other one to go through "sympathetic" symptoms. If your girls aren't yet spayed, now is absolutely the time to have it done. If they are, It might not be bad idea to at least call your vet to ask about this. Even if they are spayed, sometmes a remnant of the female organs is left behind and that can release hormones that will cause a female to act like she's in heat. In any case, if it were me, I'd take the ball and throw it away. I wouldn't want to listen to any of my cats sounding like they're in "intense pain". That would make me crazier than I already am! 8o)

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 2/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer