Why did my 2 year old cat die?

Yesterday I came home and my 2 year old Tabby Betty was dead on the kitchen floor. There were pools of green vomit around her and she was stiff with her eyes rolled back in her head. She had been vomiting water on and off for the previous two days but since some vomit had small hairballs in them I thought she was just trying to pass the hair. I brushed her but She groomed herself and her sister regularly so I assumed she had a lot of hair to get rid of. I gave her treats designed to help her pass the hair and even some laxative paste that she ate from my finger the day before she died. She was lethargic at times but normal at others. I do think she had a loss of appetite too as i think back on the last few days when she didn't want her treats. I'm so confused, she looks like she may have had a seizure by the way her body was laid out. Am absolutely heartbroken that I wasn't aware enough to help her, I just honestly never thought she was sick.

Asked by Member 1166273 on Apr 21st 2013 Tagged dead, vomit, lossofappetite in Health & Wellness
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Angel Wiggles (7-21-05/9-13-15

The only way to definitely determine cause of death is to have an autopsy done. If you live near a veterinary college such as Purdue, you should be able to get an autopsy done for around $100. Otherwise, you'll have to get your vet to do the autopsy. Then you'll at least have the peace of mind of knowing what happened and why she died.

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