Why are our cats more aggressive with each other now and how can we fix it?

Two of our cats have been fighting recently. They've never been best friends, but they've lived together for 2 years now and have been fighting a lot recently.
The older of the two, Roxanne has had some health issues recently that we have been treating.
She has been the aggressor in the fights and the fights have recently gotten a lot worse.
They used to just chase each other from time to time. Now, Roxanne has been attacking our younger cat Divya.
It always seems to happen downstairs in our house. Roxanne seems more possessive of the downstairs.
We recently had work done in a room downstairs and the door has been closed to the room for months. We've noticed the fights got more aggressive at the same time that we started opening the door to that room again.

I hope that's not a flood of information, I'm just trying to mention the things we think could be significant (the room being reopened, health issues, age).

Can any of you make recommendations or offer any insight? I'm not sure what we should be doing to help the girls get along better again.


Asked by Member 1187392 on Aug 27th 2013 Tagged aggressivebehavior, fighting in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

We would gather that since your cat feels lousy, she is taking it out on someone else (like people do). One way to redirect her is with treats. I would find a cat treat like new Flavor Fusion (2 in one) treats by Greenies that she will come running for when she hears the cue word (treat). Another suggestion is to keep that door closed when nobody is home, and to spray water on her during an attack to distract. Good luck ^_^

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