Who is mothering Marshmellow now. See below.

Who is mothering Marshmellow now? I'd love to get in touch with her. Ironically, the team I play trivia in is called "The Marshmellows!". I, with a million others, fell in love with the video of 4-week old Marshmellow.
I have one male senior cat at home. He is a very sweet mellow 11 year old boy. I rescued him from the Humane Society at age 8. I'm a 'cat' person. I've had cats born in my home. I would love to be on the list to be considered for adoption of Marshmellow if there is a list. My email is Thank you for passing this information on to the woman who is mothering Marshmellow.
Sandra Lachs

Asked by Member 1104244 on Apr 5th 2012 Tagged adopt in Adoption & Rescue
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