Where can i post pix of kittens i need to adopt out? I live in the east bay in CA.

My next door neighbor, who is 85-years old, needs my help in getting her kittens adopted out. I promised I would find all 9 of them good homes and wouldn't take them to a shelter except as a last resort. These kittens are so cute - I just know that if people could see the pics of them, they would give them all good homes. Where can I advertise that people will answer quickly? My neighbor can't take care of these kittens much longer. I just want to help her out. I wish I could adopt them all myself, but it's impossible. Does anyone know of a website where I can post pictures of these adorable kittens? Please help.

Asked by Member 1112858 on May 27th 2012 in Shelters & Rescue
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Butters *rainbow bridge*

Best place I can think of is maybe pet or another similar sight :) I'm sure that would help. Also you can post an add in the paper with descriptions of all of the kittens, and even put out flyers with those pull of tags with your phone number on it!!! People love kittens, especially young children. Just make sure they go to a good home :)

Butters *rainbow bridge* answered on 5/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer