manny and moe

Where can I find free kitten chow? I have 10 kittens from ferel cats and can't afford to feed them. HELP

Asked by manny and moe on Jul 28th 2010 Tagged food in Other Adoption & Rescue
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You need to practice something called "TNR", or trap-neuter-return for those feral cats. I don't know where you can get any "free" kitten chow. You might want to try your local SPCA. Sometimes people donate food when their pets pass away. Try to feed the kittens age appropriate (kitten) food until they are at least one year old. The first year is the most important year for them to get good nutrition. I would strongly recommend borrowing some humane traps and getting those ferals fixed before you end up with dozens of cats/kittens. Your neighbors will start complaining and the next thing Animal Control will come out and take them away to be euthanized. I know from experience. I have two feral cat colonies in my community and had to fight one of the communities when they passed an ordinance forbidding feeding of stray and feral cats. I am proud to say that I won my case and have maintained the first colony for over 7 years now. Best of luck.

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Izadore (Izzie)

You DO need help. If you are handling this all on your own, you need to contact one of your local animal rescues ( or shelters and tell them you are taking care of a colony and need their help. If you agree to work with them in Trapping, Neutering and Returning these cats and also to care for any kittens that result, they will help you with vet bills and food. PetsMart is also a good place to go to ask for help. Talk to the manager and ask if they can get their pet rescues who use their adoption center involved. You must alter these cats or you will soon be very, very over-run with cats, especially if you are feeding the adults. Please ask for help. It's out there! (PS-Vets are also a good place to ask for advice.)

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See if a community or church food bank can help. Call Purina's toll-free number and find out how to use their weight circle program; you have more than eight cats in your care, so you should qualify.

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Freckles (1993-2011)

The previous posters have good advice. Another place you can check for help is the Best Friends focus on felines site

They have a lot of info on community cats / feral cats and there will be a coordinator in your area who can help put you in contact with people or groups that can help you.

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First, you should consider giving away or selling some of the kittens. It may be sad for you to watch them go, but if you cannot afford to feed them all, they will get sick. I also know that you can get catfood and cat litter coupons if you order a kitten starter pack from Purina, or get other coupon offers from Also, if you check around the catfood aisles in grocery stores, lots of them have 10%, 20% off and such coupons for one per customer. If you give away some kittens, it will be cheaper for you. Make sure you take good care of them. My 1 year old kitten Hershey got constipated and the bill was over 250 dollars at the vets office. Also, i'm pretty sure that all cats like different types of fish, so when theres a sale on tune, salmon, sardenes, herring etc. at the grocery store, you can buy a whole bunch and feed that to your cats. I hope this helps!
Your furry friends, the tuna loving, skinny Hershey and the salmon loving, chubby Precious.
Good luck!

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