Whenever my cat is taken outside he starts to have seizures. These seizures end up being even up to 30+ min. Any ideas?

My cat is under a year and goes into extensive seizures that will pause and then reoccur. We have no idea what it is

Asked by Member 1103960 on Apr 3rd 2012 Tagged cat, sick, seizure, help, long, medicine, year, pause, reoccur, extensive, ideas, need, pills, liquid, kitten in Illness & Disease
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It's certainly not normal for cats to have seizures even if it's just with a particular stimulus like going outside which could generally be avoided. I would take him to the vet (cover the carrier with a towel to try and reduce the shock of the sunlight or whatever might be triggering the seizure) for a proper check-up and in the meantime keep him inside. As long as they have enough room to run around and a few things to jump and climb on cats can be perfectly happy and healthy living indoors, and they avoid so many potential dangers that they add years onto their life expectancy, even if they don't have problems with seizures when they go outdoors.

It's really important to get the cause of these seizures diagnosed and treated. Seizures are fairly rare in cats, particularly grand mal seizures with thrashing about that people would be likely to recognize as a seizure, and especially in such a young cat.

Cali answered on 4/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Seizures can mean all kinds of things don't feed people food especially PORK. Get Kitty indoors and keep them there. And go to vet ASAP or sooner. Don't forget to bring fresh stool sample. I cannot imagine how it would be to come out of a 30 minute seizure and have someone look down on me and say,"well huh."

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Cats sometimes get seizures at 2 yrs of age. Unusual for this to be earlier. My vet gave me phenobarbitol & though it "kinda worked", it did not a lot of the time. I just started Trixie taking "Easesure" along with another product that is supposed to support the liver & immune system(by same co). It seems to be starting to work & it's natural, so I am crossing my fingers. She has multiple seizures back to back & pee's afterwards. It's horrible, but, I've read good things about this product, used on both cats & dogs. I wake her up when she's starting to have or is having a seizure & wrap her in a blankie & pet her gently. This seems to comfort her. Yes, it's scary, but, I am determined myself to find a product or natural remedy that will work. I'm sure the problem is in her brain, so kinda a tough one there. Hang in there!

Member 1112274 answered on 5/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer