When you travel with your cats, how do you ensure their safety in the hotel room?

For instance, how do you make sure that the hotel staff does not accidently let them escape when you are not there? I am very worried about hidden poisons as well.

Asked by Member 1155710 on Apr 14th 2013 Tagged safety, travel in Travel & Recreation
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I've never actually done this, I've always had someone look in on my cats while I'm on vacation, but I'm thinking maybe you need to bring a crate for them to stay in, one that's big enough for a litter box and place for them to sleep. I would think that would be one way. You could leave them in a closed bathroom and put a note on the door to not open it, and you could also leave the do not disturb sign on your door and let the front desk know you don't want maid service? Just some thoughts.

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Izadore (Izzie)

I would like to add to Beep's excellent advice that it is always wise to choose a hotel that is "pet-friendly". The staff there is accustomed to dealing with dogs and cats in hotel rooms and should be more cautious when entering or leaving a room. It is very difficult to keep a dog or cat from escaping when the door is opened, especially when they feel they need to go looking for their owner. Make sure your cats are micro-chipped or at least have a collar and tags if they'll wear them. Most hotel rooms don't have live plants in them that could be poisonous, and there shouldn't be cleaning solutions, etc. in the room either. If your cats are chewers,then they should be kept in a crate or a bathroom. A crate large enough to accommodate a litter box, food, water, etc. would be hard to travel with, but that's probably the safest way to ensure they won't escape when you're gone. And, as Beep said, while you're still at home, print out some door signs that indicate there is a cat in the room

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 4/15/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Well I actually just returned from a trip a few weeks ago and this was the second time I have traveled with 4 legged accompanyment. I went to North Carolina from Philadelphia back in October and then went to Scranton from Philadelphia a month ago. I agree with all of what was said, but I also stayed in hotels whose policy was to not send Maid service unless a person was there to supervise. Also I would recomend staying in a place with interior hall access only. That way if one of your friends did get loose there should be closed doors to prevent a disaster. Most hotels have double doors at entrances/exits with a space btwn. I traveled with Jake my Siamese and His traveling buddy Sam a Rat Terrier. Even in a hotel Jake is not interested in going out. Sam is a different story. He goes out for walks. In Oct he was 4 months and got out in hallway and the double doors stopped him from full escape. He's older and smarter now, but I still need to be mindful. Have a fun Vacay.

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Smokie,CoCo and Dora (RIP)

Not too long ago a woman had her cat with her on vacation. Somehow at the airport the cat got away. She was dragged on the plane by her Sister and has been posting on Craigslist ever since. She thought she did everything right. She stayed at a hotel that catered to pets, she had a nice carrier, she had tags that said 'on vacation" and information. Yet she never saw her cat again. To this day I look for this cat. I always take pictures of lost pet posters I see around, cause you never know. See I just so happen to live across the street from a hotel that caters to pets. I found a dog last Summer and put an ad on Craigslist-that's how I saw the plea for help. It just broke my heart. Who wants to get their heart broken on vacation? I think it may be worth it to board then if you can or maybe had a few friends take shifts feeding them. It may be too much for one person to do, so having more than one person is smart. I do it for free for friends.

Smokie,CoCo and Dora (RIP) answered on 4/26/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer