When to separate kitten from mother?

Hope had her 3 kittens 10 weeks ago, we have found a loving home for one of them (ATC the first born male). At what age should they be separated and will Hope mourn?

Asked by Hope on Jan 4th 2011 in Kittens
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Two months is said to be the minimum, three months is said to be better in terms of socializing the kittens. If the kittens are eating kitten food (especially if they've figured out how to eat dry food) and are toilet-trained, ten weeks should be old enough to go to new homes. Kittens will continue to nurse for a while even when they are able to eat regular food, but it's mostly a comfort thing. Most Momcats figure out when it's time to let their kittens go out on their own, and can start being surprisingly cold to them once the kittens are weaned (some other mothers stay best buddies with their kittens forever). I have seen a mother cat looking for her absent kittens, but they may have been taken away too early. My own cats are the cut and dried type, and don't mourn their missing kittens as far as I can see.

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Here is a good source to reference


Some breeders don't release until 16 weeks. I've seen that, it depends on the breed as well.

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