When is it the right time to euthanize your cat? Is it ever?

My angel's been vomiting constantly for months and even began pooping on the bed though he is has always been very clean. Yesterday he was hiding in the closet instead of greeting me, which is very strange because I have been gone for a month. He does not seem to be able to jump on the bed anymore and his nose does not moisten as it normally does. His agitation is even affecting his purr. He's about 15 years old.


Asked by Miniño on Oct 27th 2013 Tagged dying, euthanization, moralorimmoral, sad, old, vomiting, zerocatlivesleft in Health & Wellness
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Pookie Face (in memory)

Hi Lee, there is a definite yes to your question, but it doesn't sound like your cat is there yet. You can try pet stairs up to the bed if your cat will use them. Try digestive SmartBites treats with coconut fiber to help with the vomiting, and don't let him eat grass. He should also be eating a senior food like MaxCat Senior with oatmeal for digestion. If it's hacking he could be coughing up hairballs, and SmartBites by Greenies has treats for that too. Watching your cat get old is VERY DIFFICULT, but it doesn't mean that your cat is ready to die. However, you should take him in to the vet to have a senior exam and make sure that everything's okay. Clean your linens thoroughly (wash twice) because if cats can smell their own poop or pee they will continue to resoil in the same area. Good luck and see what your vet says after his health check... ^_^ Meow to the world

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