When a cat has all it's bottom teeth removed does it change the look of their face/jaw?

My cat underwent dental surgery yesterday to remove a tooth that had abscessed as a result of a compound fracture, as well as the rest of her bottom teeth. To my complete devastation, the surgery revealed that she has cancer and it has been eating away at her jaw. At first when the vet contacted us, right when she discovered it, she thought my cat might have 6-12 months; unfortunately, upon further examination, she warned that she may have as little as two weeks.

My cat never gave any indication she was in pain; the only reason we found out her tooth had fractured was because her mouth was drooping on one side.

There are obviously a LOT of things for me to ponder, but my concern right now is this:

All her bottom teeth are gone and her lower jaw seems to recede more than usual now. It reminds me a bit of a person with their dentures removed, and has created a noticeable overbite. Does this sound like a normal outcome for a cat with no bottom teeth?

Asked by Member 1156570 on Feb 22nd 2013 Tagged teeth, surgery, cancer in Dental Care
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Angel Buddha

Other than your cat needing to eat soaked or canned food, she probably is much MUCH more comfortable having her abscessed teeth removed. Animnals with abscessed teeth & other such problems suffer just as much pain as humans suffer with the same kinds of problems. Nerves in your cat's jaw may be damaged & this may also be contributing to the drooping jaw & overbite appearance.

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