What's wrong with our cat? Is he going to make our other cat sick?

Our neighbor threw this cat out a few days ago and we took him in. We don't have the money to see a vet right now, but i'm concerned that something is really wrong with him and that it could make our other cat sick. He literally sleeps about 21 hours a day and eats a lot when he gets up. He's doesn't seem interested in playing and growls at my other cat when he tries to play with him. His urine is GHASTLY with how strong the ammonia smell is. His belly seems bloated and kind of hard, but it doesn't bother him when I touch it. He's still affectionate. I don't believe he's been fixed and he can't be older than 6 months to a year old.

Asked by Member 1156192 on Feb 20th 2013 Tagged eaingalot, sleepingalot, foulsmellingurine, swollenbelly in Illness & Disease
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Joey (In Memory)

Okay this cat needs to see a vet. A good vet will work with you on the cost - have them only perform essential tests and come up with a payment plan. If you are serious about taking in this kitty please be serious about his care. I would not venture a guess at what is going on medically but it sounds like there is definitely a problem. You are smart to be concerned for your other kitty - so keep them separated until you can get to the vet and get the all clear. It's likely your neighbor threw him away because he is sick - I personally find that morally reprehensible but it happens a lot. Please see the vet - be honest with them and they will work with you. Good luck.

Joey (In Memory) answered on 2/20/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I think Joey gave a really great answer. I'd like to add that alot of vets will take care credit, so you can make payments. You could perhaps set up an online fundraiser to help with vet bills. There are many sites to chhose from if you want to do that. Don't let him suffer. If you are going to take him in, then you are responsible for him.

Twinkle answered on 2/20/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer