What would cause Buddy's eyes to sink far into the eye sockets???

Buddy was my grandpa's cat and didn't recieve very much vet care over the years, except for his rabies shots. My grandpa recently died and now he and my grandpa's other cat, Buddie Lou, are now surrendered to the dog and cat rescue i volunteer for, 4 paws rescue.

I have noticed Buddy's eyes over the past 4 years have sunk into the eye sockets farther. It started happening after my grandma died, 4 years ago. Buddy is 13-14 years old. When we surrendered them, the guy who took them in noticed Buddy's eyes as well. I really have no idea how that could happen to a cat.

Anyone know what could have happened to them?? I don't think it was an injury.

Thanks for any help I can get!

Oh and you can see in this picture how far back into the eye sockets his eyes are-

Asked by Member 765056 on Jun 5th 2010 in Other Health & Wellness
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Considering that Buddy is an old boy, he really should be seen by a vet. Sunken eyes could be anything from severe dehydration to glaucoma of the eyes. Does he drink water? Does he eat wet food at all? Has he been having any problems seeing (walking into things, etc.)? Buddy really needs to see a vet ASAP. He's been around for many years, and he could be around a few more if he is taken care of. Senior cats need us more as they get older (just like humans). They depend on us for helping them groom themselves better and of course, trying to pick up on when something just isn't quite right! Please take him to a vet for a senior wellness visit. Hope he is okay.

answered on Jun 6th.

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