what would cause a 10 week old kitten to die suddenly?

She seemed fine and yeterday I noticed she would not come out to eat. She would only cry and kinda wobble around. She looked very lethargic, tired and lonely. Her siblings and mother would not go around her and she just did not seem right. I went out 3 more times to check her last night, b/c she is a wild kitten that has gotten used to me and lets me pet her and such. She was in the barn but not curled up and she was kinda shaking a bit. So i put a towel in her bed and left her some extra food. This morning I went out to check her and feed the cats and she was dead. I found her stretched out under my jeep. Almost like she was crawling across the ground. It was so pitiful. I wish i knew what happened or what i could have done to prevent her death.

Asked by sunny on Oct 14th 2009 Tagged kitten, death, help in Answers
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Izadore (Izzie)

I'm so sorry for your loss. I truly understand how it hurts. Without an autopsy, there's no way of knowing what was wrong with the baby. Mom and sibs knew there was something wrong and left her alone. It seems cruel, but that's how it's done in the animal world. There was absolutely nothing you could have done. Incidentally, if you have cats of your own, I would be cautious about having them around the outdoor cats. They may be carrying one of those nasty cat diseases. Again, please don't blame yourself for the death of the kitten. She may have been asleep under the Jeep and simply stretched out and died. We think Mother Nature is very cruel, but that's the way it is in the "wild". Say a little prayer for the baby who is now at The Bridge playing with the other little ones who never made it here on Earth.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Oct 14th.

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