What is a good way to keep your cats paws warm in winter without using booties or socks?

My cats are outdoor cats most of the time and where we live, (the lovley Minnesota!!(: haha) and there is snow and ice all over the place. We were going to get hay to cover thier little outdoor kennel thing but whent they are let out to roam the just sit by the clearest dry spot and hold one paw up to take a break and shiver. Then they will switch paws or run back to the saftey of their kennel. I dont know what to do and I dont want my babies paws damaged.

-Dani and her kittes, George and Rex

Asked by George on Jan 21st 2012 Tagged pads, cold, winter, snow, feline, cat, kitties, weather, hay, booties in Other Health & Wellness
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Are these your pets, or are they feral/stray cats that live outside? If they are your cats, why are you letting them out in such cold weather? If they are feral or stray cats, there is really not much you can do besides provide shelter, dry food (so it doesn't freeze) and an electric water bowl (if possible). Cats who are outdoors in the winter are at great risk for frostbite of their paws and ears. I live outside of Philadelphia and I do the best I can for the feral cat colony I manage. I feed them the same time every day so that they get adequate nutrition. I have an electric water bowl on my porch, and heavy blankets on my chair on the porch (which they have learned to hide under). I also have two shelters, but they don't use them. They have found shelter elsewhere because there are days when it snows that I don't see them at all. Fortunately, they are survivors and managed to get through the last few harsh winters we've had. Do your cats a favor and keep them inside!

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This is tough because without socks they probably won't keep anything on! Your best bet is to make their kennel as warm as possible with straw and blankets. If you want something to sit near the house you could look into an electric heating pad (one safe for outdoors) or a pad that adjusts to body temperature. Of course they'd have to sit on it to warm up their paws, but it might be better than nothing!

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