What I thought was my female cat has a penis but NO balls!!

I got my kitten from my friend's cat's litter when she was almost 2 months old, so I know she hasn't been spayed or neutered or anything! She also never even got her shots since she NEVER left the house before and my vet told me its not important if she wont go out!! He checked her out before even placed a thermometer in her ass and never mentioned anything about it being a male or having a scrotal sac, and referred to it as a she!! Now she's around 8 MONTHS old and it showed a penis for the very first time, it was an erect one actually :s! It has no balls and no indication for them! It never peed on anything and has lately, been showing some symptoms of female cats in heat like sleepin on her back and rollin around and havin her legs open all the time, sometimes she also does that baby meow sound for minutes then stops.. what do u guys think? What is it? And should I change my vet because I feel like I can't trust him! Help me please :(

Asked by Member 1182904 on Jul 29th 2013 Tagged car, male, female, unknown, sex, gender, penis, undescendedtesticles, noballs, genitals, hermaphrodite, badvet in Health & Wellness
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Panda Bear

Get a second opinion and make an appointment for a spay or neuter. Shots are important because immunity is compromised without them, unless you have a country vet. Where you live probably has laws like your cat needs to have a rabies shot every so many years... ^_^

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