what do Ocicat kittens look like ? my kitten has the personality of an Ocicat, spots on her chest & broken lines on side

Asked by Member 1030858 on Apr 26th 2011 in Ocicat
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Without a photo, it's hard to say, but I'd guess that your kitty is a domestic short hair, and that her coat pattern is mackerel tabby, or, more specifically, broken mackerel tabby, since the stripes are not solid. This is a common coat pattern. The spots on her chest are called vest buttons. The Ocicat is not a common breed, and it's unlikely that a breeder would sell a cat without desexing it first or making the new owner sign a spay/neuter agreement. Ocicats are a mixture of Abyssinian, Siamese, and American Shorthair cats. The kittens in particular have the triangular heads and tall, splayed ears of the first two breeds, and the adults are rather large. Personality is rarely a good way to identify a breed. Breeds are identified by certain physical characteristics called breed standards. Chances are your kitten is one of the 95% of American cats with no recognizable breed. Enjoy her anyway. A cat doesn't need a breed to be special!

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