What do I do for a "double fang"?

I'm a first-time cat owner. I got two kitties in august who are now almost 7 months old and another kittie who is about 4 or 5 months. When I took my older two kittens to the vet a few months ago, she mentioned that they were teething and not to be alarmed if I found a bloody tooth in their food bowl (they usually just swallow them). As you can see from Nico's diary, he's now teething. But Nico has been biting and chewing much more than the other two and I recently noticed, when he yawned, that he has two fangs right next to each other on the top right of his mouth. Neither of my other two cats have this double fang and Nico has only one fang at each of the other front corners of his mouth. I don't know much about cats' mouths, so I looked it up and it seems they are only supposed to have the 4 fangs at each corner. Could it be that it will fall out? Or should I take him to the vet so his teeth don't become deformed? Thanks!

Asked by Nico on Nov 2nd 2007 in Dental Care
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My cat, Todd, had this same problem.

We watched the tooth until he was six months old, when it would not fall out, we took him straight to the vet and had it extracted.

It was not very expensive. It was very worthwhile because his gums were starting to get infected because of the small, plaque-covered tooth.

Good luck!!

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