What causes cat poop to stink and how can stinky poop be prevented or minimized?

Does it depend on the type of food a cat eats? Are there certain ingredients to look for or avoid?

Asked by Toffy on Sep 18th 2007 Tagged poop, stink, food in Other Food & Nutrition
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☆ Wookiee ☆

Stinky poop can defiantly be caused by quality of food. Some foods actually have a guarantee on their food that their will be less waste and less stinkier. I think Nutro has this guarantee.
You want to look for foods with no by products, especially when they are listed as the first 2 ingredients. You want to look for chicken as the first ingredient. Or Chicken meal. Also corn is really hard to digest and that is also in most foods. You want to look for rice. We kitties are eating Wellness Indoor Health. It may be hard to find because it is a Natural food and not sold in grocery or pet chain stores. But a good alternative would be something like Nutro.

☆ Wookiee ☆ answered on Sep 20th.

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Food I believe is the number 1 contributer to stinky poop. (#2 i think would be litter). I loved Science Diet but I farted a lot and Jewels poop was unbelievably stinky. We are switching over to Innova Evo now and my gassiness has gone away ( for the most part) and Jewels poop is less stinky. The more fillers (grain/corn etc) it seems like the stinkier we are.

Harley answered on 9/25/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer