What can I give my Bengal to disolve a calcium type bladder stone? I'm looking for a safe natural remedy.

My Bengal has been diagnosed with a calcium type bladder stone. Vet says they don't know what causes it and hopes it will pass on it's own.

Can I give him aloe? Aloe is supposed to work on people for kidney stones.

Asked by Member 1089459 on Feb 3rd 2012 Tagged stone, bladder, aloe in Alternative Treatments
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Aloe is somewhat toxic to cats, and although it's not one of the most dangerous plants for cats it can certainly cause major gastric upset, not the best idea.

The reason your vet didn't give you the special food that can help dissolve bladder stones is because that only works on struvite crystals. Calcium oxylate stones are kind of the opposite. They imagine they are caused by a cat having a screwy metabolism that creates this buildup and they are often a lifelong problem. He can go on a special diet to reduce the likelihood new ones will form, but the ones that are there will need to pass on their own or be removed surgically. I had the surgery done once a few years ago, and within 6 months I had a bladder full of little stones again. We waited to do surgery again and after a year of drinking filtered water I had passed them all much to my vet's amazement. Monitor him carefully while the stones are in there in case he gets plugged and can't pee- that is an emergency situation!

Scooby answered on 2/4/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


If you have a Bengal you probably went through some time and expense to get your special Kitty. Contact your breeder and make them aware of your situation. Call local universitys and vets to find a cat specialist or better yet one who specializes in Bengals. There could be congenital issues.

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