Socrates Schrodinger

What can I do to stop one of our furry babies from ambushing the other when they eat or use the litter box? Thank you!

Tomiko (3) will wait for Socrates (4) to use the litter box and then charge him in the box. We have added a second litter-box that is not covered to try and help. He hasn’t started going to the bathroom in improper places, but he will not finish and the urine or stool will stick to his hide legs , so it is unpleasant for him and me when I have to help clean him up. We can try to intervene when we see that it is happening, but are hoping for a more long-term solution.
When we adopted Socrates he would not eat without my husband or me with him. Eventually we weaned him off of this. We have multiple food bowls out. When we adopted Tomiko we noticed she would start eating out of the bowl Socrates was still using. We try to intervene and teach her not to do this, but it seems to have triggered Socrates old behaviors and now when he’s hungry he lets us know by talking and we have to go sit with him while he eats. Now he wakes us up multiple times in the night so he can eat.
Advice? Thanks!

Asked by Socrates Schrodinger on Aug 16th 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Panda Bear

Socrates might have learned to fend for himself if you had not intervened. Now the alpha cat will attack the beta more because she sees Socrates getting extra attention, and she has become duly resentful. Give Tomiko a week without intervention and give her treats and some extra attention, and see how the situation improves on its own. A spray bottle with half water and half vinegar is a deterrent, but if you keep on letting your beta cat be babied, he will never fend for himself, and you will not be sleeping all night long. ^_^

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