What can i do to get my cat to use the litter box again??

My cat is 1 years old and has always used the same litter box as my 3 year old cat with no problems, more recently he has started going outside around the litter box or in the pan that catches the loose litter....i have taken him to the vet and they suggested we change litter and cat boxes....we have done so several times and nothing has worked....we have even tried giving him his own box and have had no success...I don't know what else I can do....Please somebody help

Asked by Jay on Nov 16th 2010 Tagged litterbox in Behavior & Training
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You need 3 litter boxes--one for each cat and one for the house. You need at least one litter box on each floor of the house.

Is your litter box big enough? Cheyenne, my Siamese kitty, would go over the edge. I went to the local home improvement store and I bought a plastic storage box. It has plenty of space for her to turn around in, so she doesn't have to step in used litter. I haven't had problems with her going somewhere she shouldn't after doing that. It helps for the litter box to be somewhat see through. Some cats feel vulnerable when they're going.

Perhaps something happened to scare your cat when he was going. My mother had a litter box by the dryer. The cat stopped using it because she got scared when it was on and clunking. You'll also need to look at the behavior of the 3 year old cat. Did that cat ambush your 1 year old while he was going?

It's also likely that you're going to have to re litter box train your kitty.

Cheyenne! answered on 11/16/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If your vet did not take a urine sample and run the appropriate testing on it, please request that he/she do so. The majority of inappropriate elimination issues are caused by a medical issue, not a behavioral one (though they most certainly do exist). It sounds as though it was a relatively quick change in behavior. Because of this, I would request a urine test be run to ensure that there is no growth of bacteria or crystals within the urine. Also, watch for signs of straining during urination. If you see him strain or cry or attempt to urinate with little or no success, his urethra may be blocked and this is a medical emergency that will require you to seek medical treatment IMMEDIATELY. Males can die within 24 hours if in this state. Hopefully, you will never see that but it's always better to be informed. Take care.

Dahlia answered on 11/17/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer