what are some type of seizures?

my himalayan cat female 11 yrs she was laying next to me and I went to pick her up and her body seemed to be stiff and locked up her face went down to the cushion on the couch and she made this loud wierd cry..this lasted a few minutes and then she was fine and purring could this be a sign of a seizure?? or what do you think???

worried and want to help her

Asked by Member 996300 on Jul 9th 2010 Tagged seizures, cat, signs in Diabetes
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It certainly is a possibility. I had a cat who started having seizures at age 5. She would have them at least once a month and were classified as "idiopathic" (unknown origin). She didn't have them frequently enough to be put on medication, and I really didn't want her on phenobarbitol. She was on it the first weekend she had a seizure and laid around like a lame duck. There are petite mal seizures and grand mal seizures (just like with people). I would certainly take your kitty to the vet and have her checked. They will do blood work next time she has a seizure and can tell from that. Be careful not to use any flea medications on her. If you must, use Advantage. That was the only one my cat could tolerate. You just need to keep an eye on kitty and make sure she is safe and not near any stairs when she does have a seizure. She will at first want to eat like crazy, be restless, disoriented, and then will sleep for many hours. This is normal. All the best to kitty!

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It is a 1 in 10,000 ratio but cats can have epilepsy. I had a beautiful kitten that had them. A visit to the vet is a must. You need to know why/what they are so you can take the necessary steps to help your baby.

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