We moved to a new house a month ago. Everything was fine for the first few days, but now my cat Jamie (who is 5) is atta

Asked by Member 1210936 on Jan 22nd 2014 Tagged newmove, crazybehaviors in Behavior & Training
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Orion Hemingway

Sometimes cats act out like children. Make sure that they know where their litter, food and water is (show them again). Add an extra water bowl on the opposite side of the house to ensure that they are hydrated. Feed them on a schedule and place things that smell like them (their toys and scratchers) OUT so that they know they are at home. Cats are very space-oriented, so a move can freak them out. You can use calming spray in a location where attacks are occurring (not on the animals) and play classical or soothing music for them when you are not home during the transition period. They should calm down within a month. If not, let the attacker Jamie know that his behavior is not acceptable (discipline him the moment after he swats, hisses etc.) ^_^

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