We brought home an outdoor cat and he is so aggressive!? What to do?

We recently took home my boyfriends cat he had when he was younger, he is older now and has been living outside for the last couple of years at his parents place. He has always been so sweet and hasnt shown any sign of aggression.. Recently his parents dog passed, and the cat has been peeing all over the garage... We think raccoons have been scaring him in the garage at night. We decided to take him home with us and try and litter train him and find him a new home, instead of letting them take him tonthe shelter... He needs a lot of work. We brought him home yesterday and put him in our ipstairs bathroom so he has his own space with litter and food. We do have another cat she is very friendly towards him when she tries to see him. We have been trying to keep them apart to let him calm down. He has been very aggressive since we brought him here... Yowling and hissing and biting... He will come towards us because he wants attention and we can pet him then he turns on us again.. Hissing and howling... Not exactly sure what we should do... Continue to give him space until he comes around? I'm worried he want completely recover, we got pheremine room diffusers to help him calm down, quite frankly I'm scared of him attacking me... What do I do about him?

Asked by Member 1118079 on Jun 28th 2012 Tagged help, cats, behavior, behavioral, issues, aggression, rescue, adoption, advice in Bringing Your Pet Home
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He is probably very stressed from all the changes. You need to be patient with him and give him plenty of time to adjust. The smell of a strange cat is upsetting him, as well as the unfamiliar surroundings. He needs a vet visit to make sure that he's healthy and find out why he was peeing in the garage. The pheromone diffusers are a good idea; you can also try some homeopathic drops, like Rescue Remedy. Just try to sit with him in the bathroom and talk softly to him. Hold your fingers out for him to sniff and rub against. Let him get used to you, then you can start slow introductions to your cat. There's lots of info on the internet about how to do that. Good luck.

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