We brought home a kitten last week who is now 9 weeks old, thinking he would perk up our older cats, but our older gir

Asked by Member 1153075 on Feb 1st 2013 Tagged kittensgettingalongwitholdercats in Kittens
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Angel Buddha

Give them some time. Your kitten is a baby and has a lot of new things to adjust to. It also will take your older cats time to adjust to the newcomer. I tell people to allow two weeks to two months minimum time for an adult cat to adjust to a new situation, although quite often adult cats will accept a kitten more quickly than that.

I find a lot of times older cats will first tolerate the kitten, then begin to mother the kitten, washing its ears, letting it sleep near her, etc. After that it seems that often an adult cat at first will play with a kitten when humans are NOT watching & act almost embarrassed when her humans catch her playing with the youngster. After this phase the cat & kitten will play although at times the kitten is likely to get pushy with the adult or play too roughly & then the adult will discipline the kitten with a firm swat.

Also have your adult cats vet checked to make sure they're healthy so they'll feel like playing with a youngster.

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