Update on my coughing cat (can't figure out how to update my original post).

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately, I don't know how to update my original question, so I've decided to just post another one. For background info, you can read my other post (it's the only one I have except for this one).

So I've taken my cat for a chest x-ray, which came out completely clear, both lungs and heart. It was seen by four different vets, so I'm pretty sure it was thoroughly checked. They've also listened to his chest and everything sounded normal.

They've recommended another dose of dewormer, which I gave him, but today I heard him coughing again. Like before, he doesn't have any other symptoms and is completely himself. He hasn't coughed for a long time, so the dewormer did seem to work to some extent, but not completely.

My new question is... Is it possible for a worm infection to take longer to clear up (and more than one intervention with a dewormer)?


Asked by Member 1130779 on Oct 5th 2012 Tagged cough, coughing, worms in Health & Wellness
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I will have to investigate further but i have been reading that some worm infections do not clear up because of the worm to flea to worm cycle in which....from what i understand but i dont mind being corrected that there is a link in which fleas may carry worm larvae and then be ingested by cats....worth a look???


Hope all is well with you and Kitty

Batfink answered on 10/6/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

I'm not sure why the vet would give your cat a dewormer for a cough. Does he have parasites in his stool? Was it checked? That's all a dewormer would do--deworm. It's possible that the coughing could be related to him needing to expell a hairball, or food or seasonal allergies. It is possible for a parasitic infestation to take longer to clear up. Ask the vet how to go about making sure he's not becoming reinfested, such as treating other pets in the home for fleas and parasites, thorough cleaning of the areas where the cat sleeps and the litter boxes, etc. It may not be that this is the original infestation but that he keeps getting reinfested. Have a chat with the vets at the clinic and ask them why they've given you a dewormer for a cough and what their diagnoses and treatment plans for him are, and also what symptoms you should be on the alert for that would tell you he needs more treatment.

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