Trying to get two cats male and female to get along! Should I get a kitten to bring them all together??

Male cat was here first, just lost his cat companion, really lonely, looks for this new cat meowing and following her.
Female cat is new to the home, hates this cat, hisses and avoids him, but also lonely bc she hides downstairs. She is really clingy to me bc she was taken from her mother too young I think and lost her brother cat, I think has some attachment issues! Waits for me downstairs everyday, lonely when I'm not there.
To bring these two together or at least get them both upstairs and happier should I get a kitten they both might like???? Very desperate!

Asked by Member 1199953 on Nov 17th 2013 Tagged kitten, gettingalong, twocats, fighting in Socialization
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Orion Hemingway

Getting another animal is a life-long commitment. There is NO guarantee that either of them will like the kitten at all. In fact, if they are 6 and up, they will resent the attention the kitten will receive, and probably would not want to be pounced on all of the time. If you don't care that you might have three and all of them might not like each other, then go ahead and save another little life. If you do, I would recommend a girl so that your male does not spray in protest. ^_^

Orion Hemingway answered on 12/4/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer