Tranquilizers? Are they really needed?

Bringing my cat on a two hour plane ride and I need to know everthing about them since I apparently need to get her one any help would be appreciated about what they are if they are safe normal prices and maybe places. Its from Ontario to New Brunswick

Asked by Kitty on Jun 23rd 2008 in Air Travel
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How does she usually do in the cat carrier and the car? Ours don't love it but adjust within a few minutes. We actually drove them 10 hours the last time we moved without any meds whatsoever. We now give Sam children's benadryl for car rides because he gets car sick. I'd ask your vet to recommend an appropriate doseage of benadryl and try that first (do ask your vet, mine said that certain types of benadryl are not safe for cats). If you do decide to go with any kind of meds you need to test them out ahead of time, when you're home with access to a vet just to make sure that she doesn't respond abnormally.

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Cow and Bahji

I would definatly gt one from the vet as opposed to one from the pet store beacuse pet store stuff usually isn't strong enough and sometimes the all-natural stuff can be harmful if the dosage is wrong. Will kitty be flying in the luggage area? If so I think a tranq is nessicarry beacuse the luggage area is loud and noisy and sometimes very cold and dangerous. It is not as well reulated for atmosphere as the cabin. If at all possible I'd see if you can have Kitty be your "carry-on" luggage because there have been several pet deaths for pets kept in the luggage area (poor air in area, bad handling from workers, shock or fear tumbling around in the area turimg turblance, simply getting lost just like luggage does) If she's riding in the cabin a calming agent or mild sedative would be good but I think that's all, just enough to keep her from meowing for the entire trip which would prolly annoy most of the passengers.

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There's a thread going on about this topic in the Cats and Travel Forum. The cat in question is supposed to go to the vet today (I think) and get the meds/information then. So, keep track of this thread. I answered it, thinking that cats would be given benzodiazepine tranquilizers like Valium (I know that they are in some cases), but upon reading the other posts, I find that Benadryl is often used in this situation. Benadryl is an antihistamine, one you may well have taken yourself for colds or allergies. If you have taken it, you know that one of its side effects is sleepiness. I would assume that this is why it's used to sedate cats during travel. However, a tranquilizer would be stronger than an antihistamine, so perhaps that would be what your vet would prescribe. In any event, as other posters have said, DO NOT medicate Kitty yourself. Don't give Kitty human meds or meds from pet shops. Air travel is a big thing for cats, and you need professional advice and meds.

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I would reccommend it. I have used tranquilizers before when travelling with my cat and it certainly helps his stress level. It's sad to see a cat stressed out, when it really not necessary. I do have some tips though-be careful of the type of medication that you give your cat. Mine had a very nasty reaction to valum-instead of calming him it did the opposite and made him very hyper. Now I use Amatriptaline, 1 tab, and my cat goes to sleep for about 8 hours and is relaxed for the following 12 hours. Check with your vet if your kitty can take this. Good luck with your travels.
Foxy and co.

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