Timid adopted outdoor stray hides all the time...

Hi there, I adopted a stray 8-11 yr female who is very timid and submissive. Took her to vet, treating all her physical issues and she's fine other than worms etc. She and my 11 yr male get on fine, he's been so good about this. It's been a week, and the female (called Feral) hides all the time. How can I help her adjust? She's eating well and tolerates my twice daily antibiotic cream application to her back. She uses the box just fine and was someone's cat once. When I get her out and she lets me pet her, she purrs and seems happy. But mostly she is fearful and hides under furniture. I'm using Feliway and not sure it helps. Any advice? I realize she may never be a social girl or as big of a cuddler as my boy, but I do want her to feel safe and loved and to not feel so much fear. She seems so "broken"(and not just her previously broken tail.) I really hope she wasn't abused in her past.


Asked by Member 1136629 on Oct 19th 2012 Tagged strayfearanxietysubmissiveadoptionbehaviorrehabilitate in Adoption & Rescue
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Izadore (Izzie)

Aw! Bless you for your concern and care of this poor baby. Because you don't know her past, it's impossible to tell what indignities and abuses she's suffered in her life. Feliway has had limited success and I understand it's used mostly to encourage cats to use a litter box. Because you've only had her a week, you'll need to continue her loving care with patience and kindness. You should be the only one who handles her for right now if possible. Let her accustom herself to your home and lifestyle. She will decide when she feels safe. For right now, let her explore your home on her own. Be careful with open doors so she doesn't escape. When you see her exploring, don't make a fuss. Quietly say "Hi, Feral..." and leave her be. Good luck! Join Catster and post some photos and her story. We'd love to read about her!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 10/22/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer