Things to look for in an adoptive home?

Hi... I have two foster kittens, 6 months old. I've had them from about 8 weeks. They really need homes since a mother and two kittens just came into impound. Do you have any tips for finding homes? What do I look for in the homes? (These are my first fosters)

Asked by Mimi on Nov 15th 2008 Tagged cats, fostering, foster, adopt, kitten, kittens, home in Fostering a Pet
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Izadore (Izzie)

If, when you meet the potential adopters, there is anything you don't feel right about, don't hesitate to say that you don't think your babies would be a "good match" for them. Ask about past and present pets and what happened to past pets. Learning that they've given away past pets for not a really good reason is a red flag. Ask for non-related (to them) references. Ask if they plan to declaw. Ask if they'll let the babies outside regularly. If they live in an apartment, ask for the landlord's phone so you can check to make sure they're allowed pets. Ask why they want to adopt a kitten. Watch their behavior. Do they seem sincere? If they have children, watch how they react with the kittens. Do not adopt to a family with children under 3 or 4 years of age. You can ask a local rescue or shelter for a copy of their adoption application for more questions to ask. And don't give your kittens away for free. Ask at least $20 for each.

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