stop overgrooming

In Jan 2012 2 weeks after getting rabies shot, my 6 year old female domestic cat started licking all the fur off and has not stopped. Have been to the vet several times and have done the following, none of which are working.
Nothing new was added to the house. she is the only animal . have tried: Temeril, daily pure fish oil, Advantage flea( she does not have fleas)changed food to include omegas good quality, a couple of times of Benedril, but the foaming made her go crazy. I flea comb daily and nothing. The vet seems to think it just feels good. There has to be some kind of help for her.
I also had her teeth cleaned, anal glands expressed. Please help her

Asked by Member 1132986 on Sep 27th 2012 Tagged stopovergrooming in Grooming
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My elderly female used to over groom and pull at her fur as a displacement activity for pain, she had a bad ulcer hidden under her leg, and she recovered quickly after it was treated. I have to say the Feliway diffuser worked well just to relax her a bit as some kitties over groom when stressed etc I know it doesnt help every kitty.
You are doing the right thing by staying in good contact with the vet, i really hope Heidi gets better soon, keep us posted. Purrs!

Batfink answered on 9/30/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer