Spayed Female Cats becoming more Affectionate/Clingy?

We got our two girls spayed about a month ago, they're about 3 years old now. The smallest cat loves my younger sister - following her, sleeping in her bed, etc. etc. But after the spay she has gotten MORE clingy, to the point where she will meow at her door all night, "digging" up the rug (it's gotten to the point where the whole entire upstairs rug has to be replaced because of her) to get in, and just really, really being a pain. I can't let her sleep in there since she tends to use the bathroom in there - even when the door is open. My second cat has become more affectionate and clingy that she is beginning to act like the little cat (her sister). I've gotten to my wits end since we've thought of everything to discourage them (spraying citrus or vinegar doesn't work anymore). Is there any reason behind this?? I've even thought about de-clawing the little cat since it's gotten too out of hand (and I DON'T want to do that). Any help would be much appreciated!!

Asked by Member 809468 on Feb 27th 2009 Tagged affectionate, clingy, meowing in Other Behavior & Training
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Louie (1996-2013)

Let me get this straight--You're upset because your cats are super sweet and wants nothing more to be with you and your sister? We all should be so lucky to have super lovey cats.

First, declawing should never be considered an option. It is major surgery and can have dire repercussions, both physical and mental.

You say you can't let kitty into your sisters room because the kitty uses the bathroom in there. Is there anyway you can put a little covered box in there just for her? Even one close by may solve the problem. I've never met or heard of a cat that can tolerate a closed door, so you may have to leave it open, and find a potty solution.

Other options--kitties need another scratching outlet, like a cat tree. Also, play with the cats before bed so they get tired out and want to sleep.

Do you spray the cats with vinegar? Please don't do that, as it is a dilute acid, and in eyes can cause major problems.

Be tolerant, and give your kitties lots of love.

Louie (1996-2013) answered on 2/27/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer