Pixie Lovebug Back Home after

So how much longer should I be actively searching for my Pix considering its 9 days gone and she is well advertised?

I went out at 10.30pm tonight with my flashlight (I live in a city centre in a popular student area with lots of pub's around and green zones too) but I returned quickly as lots of students were noisily leaving pub's and I thought even if she was somewhere, she'd be hiding scared with all that. I shouldn't have been out on my own anyway but boyf said he was too tired and has to be up for work at 6am. Its just with many people saying search at night? I just feel like she's a lost cause one moment and is desperately searching for me the next. I can't get on with anything else in my life so I really need some advice on how many days I should actively search or whether I should leave it to the adverts now and her being microchipped. I am worried though that she's been killed and disposed of without reporting to the council that scans for chips and all my efforts are in vain. Remember she is spayed guys so she won't be off looking for a mate. Support badly needed? From Pixie's Mum x

Asked by Pixie Lovebug Back Home after on Jun 9th 2010 Tagged missing, lost, stolen, tortoiseshell, tortie in Loss of a Pet
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I am so sorry that you still haven't found your Pixie. Don't give up. She will surface, especially since she is microchipped. In the meantime, try (it's hard) to get on with what you need to do in your life. Cats disappear and return just as mysteriously as they went. I know of a friend whose cat disappeared for one whole year. I know of another neighborhood cat who would disappear every fall and return in the spring. It turned out that the cat was taken in by some neighbors who went to Florida every winter! You never know. Anything is possible. I live in PA and know of a pet store cat here who turned up in New Jersey. The cat was returned to PA. You hear all kinds of strange stories. Don't give up. Pixie will be back. I'll keep you and she in my prayers. Best wishes.

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Mr D - D'boat #19

How long should you look is up to you. I looked for 6 months before I found my kitty. Often they say they can go into hiding and not surface for the first 2 weeks. So I can understand no one seeing your kitty.
I hope you find Pixie she looks like a real sweetie. It is unlikely she is dead as people tend to let you know if they see a body. The council will probably have records of ones they find. She is probably still hiding. Do you have food out. Have you asked the neighbours to check their sheds. If it is spring there people will be getting into their gardens she may have snuck in one. Good luck

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