Siamese Himalayan mix? Ragdoll mix?

Hi guys,
Recently adopted a rescue kitten. Can you take a look at her photo and let me know what breed she is? Her fur is very soft, does not matt. She has slight markings on both sides of her belly in light brown. She is really energetic and makes a lot of shrill sounds.

Asked by Member 1158718 on Mar 10th 2013 Tagged siamese, himalayan, mix, ragdoll, breed in Breeds
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You have a seal tortie point kitten. Her head & body style reminds me of a Birman but the only thing you can really say for sure is that her parents both have to either be or carry the partial albinism gene responsible for point color, & both must either be or carry the gene for long hair. The dark colors on the cat such as the point colors, are on the cooler parts of the cat's body. It's common especially in wintertime, for a point color cat to have darker areas on the spine & on the cooler areas of the belly too. My Lacey is a tortie point too, check out her profile pics.

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