Scab and hair loss?

Hi there,

A couple of days ago I noticed my cat had a small bald patch and a scab at the bast of his ear (more onto the back of his head). I've been monitoring it for a couple of days now and his behavious hasn't changed, he's eating as he normally would and isn't scratching it any more than normal. I was just wondering on other people's opinions if I should take him to a vet or not. He does fight with my neighbour's female cat so I'm thinking it could be a cut from a fight?

Here are links to pictures (apologies if I'm not supposed to use them):

Asked by Rox on Jun 8th 2014 Tagged hairloss, scab, scratch, fight in Skin Problems
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Orion Hemingway

They tend to scratch the fur from a wound, superficial or serious. If you see no infection and the area looks clean, then just clean it again and keep an eye on it. Dermasol gel or spray is great for covering slight wounds with. If the area was bothering him, you'd know b/c he'd start rolling on it or itching the area raw. Orion got an infection is his neck from playing with my kitten and it went from the size of a quarter to a golf ball in less than a day, so that's when I brought him in to the vet. ^_^

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