Rocket, my younger cat, won't stop attacking my other two cats.

He is a male and our other two are females. We've had him fixed. He's almost a year old and we brought him home when he was about 2-3 months. He will NOT stop attacking. Especially our one cat, Turtle. She's as sweet as can be and is very social with people. He stalks her around the house 24/7. It's to the point that we can barely sleep anymore because of all the fighting going on. We stopped letting the cats in the bedrooms for health reasons and because they constantly kept you awake all night from fighting there. She keeps hiding in little nooks around the house to hide, but when he finds her, oooh my. And he never lets her hide there again. It seems he actually monitors these spots now. He goes for the neck and drags her to the ground. As for our older cat, Daphne, who is 11, she has always been a hider, and when she comes out for food, he does the same to her. We've tried spray bottles, a stern voice, and pretty much everything. We are currently trying compressed air. Nothing.

Asked by Member 1094704 on Feb 24th 2012 Tagged attacking, vicious, mean, male, female, training, unable in Behavior & Training
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