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Risk of thyroid cancer following I131 / radioactive iodine treatment for hyperthyroid disease

Sassy is 7 years old and is taking Tapazole tablets for hyperthyroidism. They are working OK but I want to look at I131 / radioactive Iodine treatment for her. The main concern I have is what is the risk of the radiation treatment causing thyroid cancer after the treatment is complete. This happened to my cat Jester 3-4 years after she had I131 treatment and she got they type of untreatable thyroid cancer that does not absorb I131. I'm not sure if Jester was just the unlucky 1 in a million or if this is something I should worry about for Sassy.

Since Sassy is much younger and would normally live for another 10+ years I want to understand the cancer risk but can't find any info online and the I131 vets only track the cats for 1 year after they get treatment so they have no meaningful info and just say its not a risk.

Has anyone else who's cat has had I131 treatment later developed this type of thyroid cancer?

Asked by Sassy (2001-2012) on Feb 8th 2009 Tagged thyroid, cancerrisk in Health & Wellness
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I didnt have the radioactive treatment for my cat but did opt for the removal of her thyroid gland. Have you considered this alternative? I had the procedure done after 5 years on methemazole. She didnt have to take any more meds after that. She lived to be 18. The procedure was fairly easy.

answered on Feb 8th.

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