Rescued kitten doesn't understand litterbox

Just rescued male kitten, roughly 4 months old. Was feral/outside cat; haven't seen mother or littermates, so probably dumped or got lost.
He doesn't seem to "get" the idea of a litterbox. he uses it by peeing/pooing right outside the box then throwing the litter out of the box o cover his waste. It's funny, but makes a big mess. How can I retrain him?

Asked by Magee on Apr 27th 2010 Tagged rescue, kitten, litter, litterbox, toilet, pee, poo in Kittens
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Poor kitty . :(
its confused .. keep putting it in the litterbox and out when it just started to do its business and then if he ever gets it right praise and pat him for doing the right thing , dont scold him for not doing it in the litterbox just let him learn :)

Hope that Helped :) , Puurrsss and Meows!

Diego answered on Apr 27th.

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My first feral rescue kitty did this as well. She eventually learned to use the boxes (yes, I needed two for her to do her business). She never did break the habit of kicking her litter all over. It was always a mess, but I learned to live with it. She also hated using hooded litter boxes, so that idea was shot down. Keep putting him in the box when you catch him doing his business and praise him with hugs and kisses!! Maybe a treat once in a while!! Good luck.

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Just a thought, if he does go outside the box, put the poo in the box and him and see if you can get him to cover it in there. Leave the poo in the litterbox so it will scent the litter at least until he actually goes in the litterbox.

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