Random peeing!?

I am extremely desperate right now.

I have four cats and recently some of them have began peeing everywhere. Three of them are boys and one is a girl, the boys are all fixed so it's not spraying. We moved to a new house in June and everything has been fine until now. I thought maybe the stress from the changes of my brother moving back home at the end of November and the moving of the litter boxes but they didn't start peeing until about a week ago! My brother moved in at the end of November, when he moved out he brought one of the cats with him so when we moved into the new house we only had 3 cats. He moved back in and brought the cat he took with him so now were back to four, all the cats get a long and the peeing didn't start until weeks after. The biggest culprit is Dominic, he's very timid and is afraid of everything, he only ever comes out when everyone else is asleep. He's been peeing all along the wall in the back and front of my livingroom. The girl cat has been peeing by the tv. One of the cats, I don't know which one peed in the bathroom this morning. My mom has been going nuts about it, she's been snapping at everyone and causing fights, bawling her eyes out and making everyone in the house miserable because of it. My dad is POed because she wont stop picking fights with everybody, my brother is upset because she is forcing us to get rid of the cats, my younger sister is upset because of all the fighting and talk of getting rid of them, and lastly I'm upset because everyone is miserable and I can't lose my babies.

- They all use the litter boxes
- We have three boxes that are cleaned everyday, and one left without a lid on
- We use the same type of litter (although since my brother moved in I have added the box he has brought over but I just started using it the other day which is after the fact)
- I don't believe any of them have anything physically wrong with them because other than peeing they don't show any signs

The back of our livingroom is starting to smell like cat pee, which is beginning to spread around the house, I need to keep my cats and I don't know what to do to stop this and stop the smell. I'm really desperate and need to stop them now. :o(

Asked by Member 1145743 on Dec 18th 2012 Tagged peeing in Behavior & Training
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That is very frustrating, indeed!

I have a few suggestions that you can try, but ultimately it may be important to visit your vet. One of the cats may be sick (and the others copy-catting the behavior), or they may be able to provide suggestions and support for changing the peeing behavior.

So here are my suggestions: The cats recently moved, and although they've been ok till now they still may need an additional litter box or more. I have read that you should have the same number of boxes that you have cats, *plus one* (so 4 in your case). It's not always necessary, but something to try. Make sure at least one is on every floor of the house. Second, try moving the boxes closer to the spots they're peeing near. I don't 100% agree with that, since it encourages them, but it's worth a try to get them to stop. Third, get a good carpet cleaner, and clean the carpets as soon as you know they've peed - the smell encourages them to do it again. I'm currently using Biokleen, and I love it!

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Potentially could be a urinary tract infection. It helped my neutered male cat (who was also stressed) to:
1. Offer moist can food in addition to dry, so that he stays hydrated besides just water (which cats don't drink enough of typically).

2. Wear a calming temporary collar that mimics the scent of their mothers' pheramones.

3. Continue keeping their litter boxes clean.

4. Ultimately, if it persists, it is probably best to take them to the vet.

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