Petland store in Columbus, GA

I forgot exactly where on this site I was reading, but someone said something about puppy mills and Petland. Can this person or anyone who knows anything about it answer. I was going to purchase a Miniature Pinscher pup from Petland in the near future, but is there something I should know about them? Thank you.

Asked by Pebbles on Sep 29th 2008 in U.S. South
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Izadore (Izzie)

The Petland in our area (Maple Heights/Bedford area near Cleveland, Ohio) has recently closed. My experiences with them were a friend who purchased a poodle mix puppy there (for $450.00 over 20 years ago) had to vet the dog continuously for the first 18 months of it's life because it couldn't keep food down. Petland contributed to the vet care but did not pay for it entirely. Their own vet couldn't help the pup so my friend took it to her own and effectively broke the contract with Petland. Another friend purchased a Golden Retriever pup there who had bone growth problems in her front legs. She had many surgeries and will never be able to run or jump. It cost my friend thousands. When my daughter was looking for a kitten, we went there. What we saw broke our hearts. Every kitten in the cage had at LEAST a URI and probably worse. They had runny eyes, noses and just looked SICK. Go to a shelter or rescue organization for your dog. Please don't patronize Petland.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Sep 29th.

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