ozzy was squished between a bed and the wall. his stomach is bloated, pain when moving and loud growling

he has difficulty moving, the sound he makes is scary- a long loud growling noise. we just lost his "brother" taz in a house fire.

Asked by Ozzy on Jan 7th 2012 Tagged bloated, pain, growling in Emergencies & First Aid
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What is your question? Are you asking if your cat needs medical attention? Yes, indeed he does, and IMMEDIATELY. His behavior indicates that he has suffered an injury and needs to be treated right away.

I don't understand exactly what you mean by "squished". Did he fall between the bed and the wall and become wedged in such a way that his movement and breathing were restricted? Did someone move the bed while he was next to the wall and possibly cause a compression injury? Once Ozzy has been examined, diagnosed, and treated, I suggest that you evaluate the conditions in your home that allowed this to happen and make adjustments to prevent it in the future. It's hard to be more specific without understanding what exactly happened.

First thing is to get him to the vet NOW. This is an emergency.

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The former poster gives excellent advice. Get Ozzy to a vet IMMEDIATELY! If he is okay, you may want to surrender him to your vet. It sounds like your home is a danger zone. Unfortunately, you already lost a cat due to a house fire. I am sorry for your loss, but please try to get Ozzy help NOW!

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